Mercury Polyphonic Arpeggiator for Reason

3Plex 3x Stereo Filter Delay

3Plex 3 x Stereo Filter Delay

3Plex 3x Line Filter Delay offers 3 true stereo filter delay units, 3 LFOs for modulation purposes, 3 dedicated AHD Envelopes, Bus Setup function to control the way the delay lines are connected plus many more features.

Slice It Up!!!

Now Shipping: CVSuite Line Mixer & Processor

Quadelectra BeatChop is your ultimate solution for realtime audio manipulation. From simple beat repeats, to stutters, glitches, tape stops and scratching. Handle your realtime audio with surgical precision.

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Stereo Splitter

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Already loved by many Reason Fans, Quadelectra Stereo Splitter has set its mark in the Rack Extensions World, with musicians from professionals to hobbysts enhancing dramaticaly their sounds and mixes...

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