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Welcome to our press room. You can read all the latest news about Quadelectra Audioworx and our activities...

Durring March 23, 2016 our server went offlline and the site was inaccessible. It appears to be a problem with our (now previous) host provider.

We would like to apologise if this caused you any trouble with your communitcation with us, and thank you for your pattience!

Since we had to transferfe our site, some features might not be available yet. We ask for your understanding in order to set things straight.

Thank you.

We've just released the update 1.0.1 for CV Suite Vectorizer!

This version fixes a problem with CV output connections that in some cases would not modulate their target upon connection.

This is a free update for all CV Suite users.

You can download it from the Propellerhead Shop, by following this link:

The latest update 1.0.2 for CV Suite Signal Repeater has been released.

The update addresses an issue that was causing a miscalculation of the buffer size once delay time was set to 0ms.

The update is free of course, for all existing owners, and available at the Propellerhead Shop:


CV Suite Signal Repeater 1.0.1 update is now available at the Propellerhead Shop.

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Quadelectra is proud to announce the fourth addition to our successfull CV Suite series of devices, CV Suite Signal Repeater.

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We are proud to announce the third "child" of the CV Suite family, under the name Parametrix ...

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We are proud to announce the 1.5 update of our best selling Rack Extension, Stereo Splitter!

The 1.5 update features requests from the user feedback we've received from previous versions. These features are:

  • Switchable Input: You can now switch the type of input to accept either Stereo or already encoded Mid / Side audio pair, for further processing.
  • Break Out Inserts: We've added a Mid/Side inserts pair to use with your favorite effects.

This update is absolutely free of charge for existing users of Stereo Splitter 1.0, and will be available at the Propellerhead Rack Extension Store till the end of September / Start of October.


During August we'll be on Vacation Mode, to enjoy the sea and sun which we've missed working 24/7 for the last 10 months :)

Practically this means that our support mail correspondance will be a little slow. Please excuse us for any inconvenience.

We wish you all happy vacations if you are still stuck in the big city, or hope that you got some decent rest if you already had your taste of summer.


See you all on September!


We are happy to announce the forthcomming release of our new Rack Extension called 3Plex!

3Plex is more than a simple filter delay! Its actualy 3 independent delay lines packed in one device. Each delay is true stereo, and equiped with a 5-mode State Variable Filter, with 2 or 4 poles.

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The 1.1.1 Update for BeatChop is now available at the Propellerhead Rack Extension Store.

In this update:

  • Some inconsistencies in the supplied combi patches have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in 32bit version that could cause BeatChop to stop working if Slice Length was set at 0% without looping
  • An issue regarding playback / recording speed calculation when downsampling is now fixed.

This is a free update for all current BeatChop owners. You can download it from this address:


Update 1.0.3 for Stereo Splitter is available for download, from the Propellerheads Rack Extension shop.

This update features some performance optimizations, smoother parameter changes and mettering.

You can download the update from this link:



Quadelectra are proud to present you our next Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason! Please welcome BeatChop!

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It has come to our attention that some of our Rack Extensions users, had issues with their Anti-Virus software (mostly Norton AV users) that reported their downloaded Windows DLL files as potential (suspicious) virus threats. This issue applies for Rack Extensions by other ventors too.

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Version 1.2.1 has been completely recoded from scratch, to offer better performance, accuracy and stability. The altered design also puts an end to some issues that appeared on 32bit versions of the plugin.

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The new update for the CV Suite Line Processor is here!

Version 1.1.0 fixes a minor bug that could cause the device to crash under certain occasions. Moreover the 1.1.0 version introduces an On/Off compare switch to allow you comparison between the original and the affected signal.

The update is free of charge just as version 1.0.0, and will be until 31 December 2012.

You can get the 1.1.0 update of the CVSuite Line Processor from the Propellerhead Shop by following the link below:

We are proud to announce our first two Products from the Quadelectra Audioworx series! The Quadelectra CVSuite, is a set of two Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Software Reason.

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One of Quadelectra's biggest aims is finaly launched. The Quadelectra Audioworx range of audio products for music specialists, producers & sound engeneers.

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