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Manual for Quadelectra CV Suite Signal Repeater 1.0.0 Rack Extension Device for Reason:

Quadelectra is proud to announce the fourth addition to our successfull CV Suite series of devices, CV Suite Signal Repeater.

CV Suite Signal Repeater is a delay device for CV signals.

It accepts a single CV input, to which you can insert four different delays called "Repeaters" and forward it to an equal number of outputs.

You can use CV Signal Repeater in cases where you want to "repeat" the CV stream from one parameter to the stream of another after a defined timespan.

CV Signal Repeater will insert a delay in either time or musical units (steps) of 1/16 or 1/8T. Also a modifier CV input can be found at the back panel of the device, to allow you to control the delay time using an external Matrix, LFO or Envelope.

Altering the time unit will increase or decrease the CV stream rate, just like you'd expect from a regular audio delay device.

CV Suite Signal Repeater is expected to launch the Propellerhead Rack Extension Store near the end of November 2013.