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Manual for Quadelectra 3Plex 3x Line FIlter Delay Rack Extension Device for Reason:


 3Plex is not just a filter delay! It’s 3 True Stereo Filter Delay Lines packed in one device! Each Delay Line’s Filtering, Panning and Output Level can be targeted for modulation from one of the 3 built-in LFO units.

 3Plex Tipple Filter Delay Front Panel

3Plex Tipple Filter Delay Back Panel

3Plex’es per Line Pre / Post Filter Delay Configuration will allow you to filter your delay, or… delay your filter to create spaced out, totally insane and out of this world echoes. The filters are 5-Type State Variable, 2 or 4 pole (cascaded), so whether you are looking for a subtle highpass for your mix, or a super-resonating bandpass to use as an FX, 3Plex can and will deliver!

3Plex also includes features never seen before in a Filter Delay! Take for example the dedicated filter AHD envelope. This envelope triggers at the start of every delay loop, and it’s ideal for creating synced modulation effects to the filter.

Or check out the Bus Setup at the Global section! Up to now similar devices used their multiple filter delay lines only in parallel! But 3Plex goes a step beyond… You can now arrange the topology of the 3 Filter Delay units, except from parallel, to different configurations such as Serial or Combined (first unit feeding the other two).

Also all per delay line modulators and feedback have global modifiers, so you can alter LFO modulation and Envelope amount on all units, using just one knob.

Finally at 3Plex’es back panel an extensive set of CV inputs and outputs, give you full control over almost all knobs of the individual delay lines and global controls. There are CV outputs for the delay line filter envelopes and the LFO units too.

We can’t possibly start to explain how beneficial these features can be for your creativity, but we invite you to try 3Plex, and take a look for yourself!


  • 3 Independent True Stereo Filter Delay Lines.

  • 3 Built-In LFO units.

  • Pre-Post Filter to Delay setting

  • Per Filter dedicated AHD Envelope

  • Filter, Pan & Level LFO modulation target.

  • 3 mode Global Bus Setup that changes the topology of the delay lines.

  • Global modifiers on per line modulation targets

Quadelectra 3Plex - Advanced Triple Line Filter Delay


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