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Manual for Quadelectra Stereo Splitter Rack Extension Device for Reason:

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Stereo Splitter by Quadelectra is here to give all Reason users the ability to enhance the stereo image of their mixes. This 1U Rack Extension encodes a true stereo signal to Mid and Side. The Mid / Side signals have their own separate stereo output pairs at the back panel of the device, to allow you to separately process them using any of your favourite Reason mastering fx!

More over the Stereo Splitter offers a powerfull toolset for manipulating gain, phase and panning separately on the Mid / Side stereo channels, allows you to add a delay offset between the M/S signals and between their stereo channels independently.

Stereo Splitter will drastically change your mixes, masters or individual channels to fatten pads!

The Stereo Splitter Features:

  • Side / Mid Separate Stereo Outputs for parallel M/S external effect processing (and -of course- main output)
  • Per signal Gain up to 400%
  • Per signal and signal channel delay offset.
  • Phase Invert on both M/S signals and their stereo channels.
  • Separate M/S Panning
  • Swap L-R / Mono / Stereo Width controls
  • Phase Meter

All parameters can be automated and of course CV In Modifiers are available for all applicable parameters.

Although simple in concept, the Stereo Splitter will change the sound of your mix, once and for all!

Quadelectra Stereo Splitter Rack Extension - Mastering


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