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Manual for Quadelectra CV Suite Vectorizer 1.0.0 Rack Extension Device for Reason:


Combinators using CV Suite Vectorizer:

The Quadelectra CV Suite Vectorizer uses the enhancements of the 2.0 Rack Extension SDK to bring vector control capabilities to your Reason Rack.

With the CV Suite Vectorizer you can control six different parameters with just one "touch" (click) on the device's display, and modulate any available CV parameter of your gear.


  • Four vectorizer parameters Top, Left, Bottom, Right.

  • Next to the ordinary, expected parameters you'd control with an X-Y Pad, we've added two new. An "Angle" parameter which gets its value from the touch point angle in comparison to the display center,

  • Also we've added an "Amp" parameter which gets its value from the distance between the touch point and the center.

  • The Quadelectra CV Suite Vectorizer also provides value quantization for both X and Y movement.

  • You can adjust the offset, scale and curve of each parameter (except the curve of the "Angle").

  • Finally you can add up to 1000ms glide between each change to smooth out transitions.


The four basic parameters can be modulated externaly, and you have the ability to automate the modulation source scaling.

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* Special Thanks to William Noise Bleed (aka WhiteNoiseBled) for the patches.