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BeatChop Realtime Slicer from Quadelectra, is a new creative FX category on its own! As the name says, BeatChop is a real time audio slicer!


Beatchop Realtime Front Panel

Beatchop Realtime Back Panel

Here's how it works: You set the step count and length of its internal buffer, and when you hit "Play" BeatChop records the audio you feed it in sync with your song. As soon as the audio is fed, it's recorded, sliced and mapped to your MIDI keyboard, as if it was a sliced loop. You can recall any part of that loop, until BeatChop cycles the buffer again, and overwrites the old audio with the new!

With BeatChop you don't just repeat the last beat you played! You can playback ANY part of the buffer as a slice and create from simple beat repeats, to stunning stutter effects.

Need to add some "spice" to that vocal ad-lib? Feed it to BeatChop and make a pattern with your MIDI keyboard in a breeze. No need to edit or slice anything. BeatChop does that for you.

Tape Stop Effects? Just set the step size to a quarter, hit a slice key and automate the Speed or pitch bend knobs!

BeatChop enables you to loop (in forward or alternating) your slices, reverse them, change their pitch and amp envelope, retrigger them or trigger them in sync with your song, plus more... "Transparent Mode" will seamlessly mute / unmute the dry audio when you play a slice, while "Keep Buffer" switch will allow you to keep the recorded data from being overwritten for as long as you want.

You don't have to worry about sampling, editing, slicing and layering your audio anymore! BeatChop does that for you! Even if you change your audio! BeatChop will always "mangle" what it "hears"!

Quadelectra BeatChop is here to change the way you use and abuse your sound once and for all!

Quadelectra BeatChop 1.1.0 - Promo Video


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