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Manual for Quadelectra CV Suite Line Processor Rack Extension Device for Reason:


The Quadelectra CV Suite Line Processor is a pretty little Rack Extension device for Propellerhead Reason that enables you to shape any CV Signal in a number of ways.

  • Invert Polarity, cut values over and under certain limits and add foldback distortion to the trimmed out ranges if you want
  • Warp the incoming signal inside a specific range and change the balance position (zero crossing) up or down
  • Sample and hold the signal in constant time or song measure intervals using the quantizer, and smooth out the steps between transitions.
  • Shape, using the bloat / pucker shaper to alter the dynamic curve, pushing up or pulling down to zero crossing, distorting your otherwise linear distributed signal.
  • Treat Unipolar signals as if they where bipolar using the UP / BP switch at the back.
  • Automate all of the front panel parameters, or use other CV signals to perform changes.

Sound designers, audio engineers and of course... modulation "freaks" you'll love the endless possibilities that this device enables in shaping LFOs, Envelopes and Patterns, with ease of use, like never before.


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