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System 9 is Quadelectra's powerful new multiple pattern sequencer for Reason. Our latest Rack Extension provides features and functionality, previously unavailable in Reason. 


System9 Front Panel

Use the Big LCD display screen, to easily create patterns and automate parameters. System 9 can control up to 16 different trigger CV outputs, and 4 modulation CV outputs, to sequence and manipulate, drum machines, trigger sequencers or modulate effects.

You create patterns by clicking the desired steps, in a matrix formed by the available triggers, shown as rows, and the pattern's time segments, shown as columns. System 9 provides 3 different accent levels, the velocity of wich can be adjusted by the user. Also for convenience reasons, triggers can be named.

System9 Back Panel

Besides steps each pattern can hold up to 4 different modulation curves, like the ones found in Matrix, or our own Mercury, meaning that you can modulate parameters in target machines or effects, in sync with the System 9 sequencer. These parameters can be scaled, inversed and turned to Unipolar or Bipolar if needed by the artist.

16 Patterns are provided, each with its own rate and step length. Moreover System 9 exposes a small toolkit which allows you to Cut, Copy & Paste patterns, even shift and reverse them!

System 9 works in both Song and Pattern mode for ease of use when you edit a pattern. When in song mode you can use the automation to change from one pattern to another, but what's more interesting is that you can also select MIDI as a pattern source, and trigger patterns using your keyboard. There's also the ability to restart each pattern on change without "obeying" the song's measure...

You'll also find 20 Combinator & patch presets to help you start the endless possibilities of this machine.


  • 16 CV Output triggers to sequence up to 16 different instruments.

  • Trigger naming for ease of use.

  • 4 CV Modulation outputs controlled by four independent parameters.

  • Parameter scalability, inversion and polarity switching.

  • 16 Patterns x 32 steps maximum, each with its own rate and step length.

  • 3 Accent Stages, with adjustable velocity from the user.

  • Shuffle and Random (Humanize) functions.

  • Pattern / Song modes for editing convenience.

  • Selectable pattern switching source from either Automation or Midi

  • Ability to retrigger on pattern switching. 

  • Mute and Solo functionality for all triggers.

  • Pattern functions: Cut, Copy, Paste, Shift Left, Shift Right, Reverse, Clear.

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