We proudly present you, the little brother of our well acclaimed Stereo Splitter! 

Welcome Transient Splitter!

Transient Splitter is to transients, what Stereo Splitter is to … stereo channels! Our new Rack Extension accepts an input signal and splits it’s transients from the rest (body). Both the transients and the body of the input signal can be mixed in different levels, which produces a result very similar to that of a transient shaper,


You can connect the dedicated stereo auxiliary outputs, each to a different process chain and produce stunning results; ie drum beats that sound huge, yet cut through the mix! There are limitless possibilities you can explore thanks to the modular nature of Reason. 

Processing can be done in both mono and stereo, plus you have the option to link both channels for more consistent results.

Transient Splitter offers a set of controls to enable you to precisely extract the transients you’re looking for, from the material you’re working with. You can change the Pre-Process Gain for weak signals, tame the sensitivity, and control the recovery of the detection signal so that any further triggering will be suspended for a specific period.

What’s more, instead of envelope followers, Transient Splitter uses an Attack/Hold/Decay envelope, which produces more consistent and precise results. The Attack and Decay curves of the Envelope can also be changed, in order to match the kind of transients that you want to extract. Transients from rhythmic material can better benefit from a logarithmic, snappy decay curve, while on the other hand an exponential curve is more suitable for discreet results in instruments such as a piano or a plucked instrument.

At the rear panel, of course, besides the main inputs / outputs and auxiliary audio outputs, Transient Splitter is equipped with a plethora of CV connections to control the levels, the envelope and the behavior of the detection circuit.

We’re very confident that Transient Splitter is going to be the number one tool in your arsenal. But don’t take our word! Feel free to test-drive Transient Splitter, yourself for 30 days. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Transient Splitter is NOT an Envelope / Transient Shaper, although up to a certain point you can use it as such.


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